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Discover the ideal equation to describe your empirical data

FindGraph offers the feature to find the best-fit equation to describe two dimensional data. If you are not sure which equation you should use to model your data, the "Find best curve fit" Wizard will help you to determine the ideal equation. The best-fit equations are unlikely to correspond to real scientific models, but you can use this feature to quickly and easily perform a series of "what-if" calculations.

  The best-fit wizard: models

In Findgraph, the linear and nonlinear regression models are divided into groups according to their typical behavior. You can start the automated curve fitting process on groups of models, or all of the models available with one mouse click. You can specify weights for a set of data points for curve fitting.

  The best-fit wizard: ideal equations

As regression models are solved, they are sorted automatically according to the Standard Error of the Estimate.

The best-fit curves on the graph

FindGraph presents the results in a table, and superimposes the best-fit curves on the graph to help you visually discover the ideal model.

FindGraph provides automatic logging of all curve-fit analysis including coefficients, standard error, residual and regression model graphs.

There is a feature to evaluate the goodness of fit: R-Square, Adjusted R-Square, confidence bounds for the fitted coefficients, the prediction bounds for the function.

Evaluate the goodness of fit Prediction bounds for the function

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