How to digitize graph with FindGraph software

The Wizard of Digitization

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How to digitize a chart using the calibration points.
FindGraph makes it easy to digitize a chart or scanned graph into XY data.
FindGraph software Download, install, and start FindGraph software.
Import the graph from a file  Import the graph from a file or paste an image stored on the Windows Clipboard. The program supports bmp, gif, jpg, wmf and emf formats.
Start the Wizard of Digitization  Select menu item to start the Wizard of Digitization.

Select calibration points

Select two or more calibration points, of which the coordinates (X,Y) are known and can be entered. To add the calibration point, move the mouse cursor on calibration point and push key 'Insert'. The zoom window would allow you to maintain a good overview on the background picture, while precisely digitizing the landmarks.

Input calibration coordinates

Determine the coordinate system using a couple of points. Select X and Y couples and input the coordinates of calibration points. It would require Findgraph to recalculate the digitized coordinates, and changing the rulers at the X and Y axes accordingly. Linear or logarithmic axis are supported.

Digitize automatically

To digitize a chart automatically, position the mouse cursors and select several pixel colors to digitize. Sophisticated algorithm is used to exclude net and to exclude poor points.

Digitize manually

The possibility of digitizing manually after the automatic procedure. To remove mistakes, move mouse cursor on the digitized point you want to remove and push key 'Delete'. To add single data points, move mouse cursor on the data point you want to digitize and push key 'Insert'.

Multiple different data sets can be defined. X,Y data values can then be exported to text (ASCII) file or copy and pasted directly into any other application, e.g. MS Excel.

Data values

See also how to take a scanned image of a plot and transform it into XY data.



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