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AMarker lets you launch applications and protect desktop
FindGraph is a graph plotting, data-analysis, digitizing tool
Digital Phisiognomy makes someone able to read a face
Zigzag Cleaner lets you hide your open windows quickly



Frequently Asked Questions
Q FindGraph. I have a set of X,Y data points generated by another application. How to plot a line graph with these points?
A To import a file in the text format use [Menu][Points][Add from file...]. Text file with one point per line. Possible dividers: space, tabulator or comma.
Q I am interested in your curve fitting software. Specifically, will it allow me to obtain and extrapolate a "best-fit" equation?
A There are two models to find a best fit curve. Linear regression and nonlinear curve fit.
Q FindGraph. I need to be able to do is to take a poor quality graph on the screen and manually assign x-y values to each of the points I want by putting the cursor over the point and clicking.
A Open options dialog and select your picture as background. The program supports bmp, gif, jpg, wmf and emf formats. Assign editor mode [Drop Points]. To drop point, put the cursor over the point and click.
Q I have some curves from data sheets (PDF files). Wonder how to use FindGraph to find X,Y values of several points on each of these curves and eventually find equations to represents these curves. Is FindGraph. capable of doing that?
A First of all you have to didgitize the data ((PDF file image). To digitize graphs from graphic images, select menu item [Add data from screen] and follow 5 steps. Use menu items [Fit] to find best curve fit, regresssion line or interpolate data.
Q FindGraph. Options of the menu: fit function, best function, linear regression and interpolate; they are all dark.
A To fit a curve, load your data and select it on left panel [Points]. All fit options of the menu will be enabled.
Q Is it possible to import data from Excel?
A Yes, FindGraph uses automation to import data from Excel.
Q How do I call FindGraph from my Visual Basic program?
A By far the easiest way is to use automation. Example programs with full Visual Basic (C++, too) source code are included with the FindGraph distribution.
Q Is FindGraph available for a MAC?
A No, FindGraph is strictly windows based. However, you can run FindGraph using virtual PC.
Q How to export processed data back to Excel?
A One way is to use automation. There is a sample in Findgraph package. Next way is to use Clipboard.
Q FindGraph. Is the upgrade free?
A Yes, once you've registered the software, it's free to upgrade.
Q FindGraph. If I use trial version, will I be able to use my work in the final product?
A Yes, work that is created in the trial can be saved as FindGraph project file and then reopened in the purchased software.

Q Digital Physiognomy How do I upload my pictures into the Digital Physiognomy program? what format should I use for pic?
A Select menu item [View][Face Traits], push button [Add Picture] or drag and drop picture. Bitmap (BMP), gif, and jpg formats are supported.
Q Digital Physiognomy How do I superimpose a picture over your programs [face].
A To combine the sketch image and background face image, push button [Background Face] or use key [Space].

Q AMarker. How to protect icons?
A Draw areas over icons. Hide all areas. Assign no actions on click. It is enough for child.
Q AMarker. . Why do you split screen?
A It is simple way to attract attention.
Q AMarker. Can I draw any picture on desktop?
A Hm... May be you are artist? I prefer to use seal.
Q AMarker. How many different desktop menu can I use?
A Unlimited. I use 7.

Q Zigzag Cleaner. Why is 'Want to know more...' button always enabled?
A It is correct for Zigzag Cleaner versions 0.9 and 0.92. Use program more than 30 hours. Global statistics dialog will appear. Only for curious people.
Q How can I translate your programs into another language?
A Go to program subfolder 'Lang'. You will see a file called English.lng. Open it in any text editor and translate all english words right to '='. Save this file under a different name - ***.lng. In group [Main] set lang='your language'. Test program. Load a program and choose a newly created language.
Bug Zigzag Cleaner. When I draw Z to minimize all windows and then restore Excel I see that MS Excel goes into kiosk mode (no menu, no toolbars) like MSIE after pressing F11 (Eugeny Sattler).
A Fixed in version 0.94.
Q Zigzag Cleaner. Although it works wonderfully, I am giving this computer to someone who does not wish to use Zigzag. I used your installation program, but I cannot remove the program for some reason.
A To correctly uninstall Zigzag Cleaner: Select Options-Misc. 'Run at startup' must be UNCHECKED. Reboot your system. Uninstall Zigzag.

Q What happens after I send in the order?
A You will receive your registration number within 24 hours.



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