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FindGraph is a graph plotting, data-analysis, digitizing tool
System Requirements Requirements
Data-analysis, digitizing, find graph program Software
  Main features  Features
  Digitizing  Digitizing
  Graphing  Graphing
  Data analysis features  Analysis
  Curve fitting features  Fitting
  Multi-peak fitting  Peaks
  Linear regression  Regression
  Closed curves  Parametric
  Empirical models  Empirical
  Best-fit equation  Best-fit
  Famous curves  Curves
  How to eliminate noise  Filters
  Transformations tools  Tools
  Transformations tools  SSA
Line graphs plotting and data analysis Screenshots
Chart and graph, approximations Gallery
FindGraph online manual Online help
Development Development
Testimonials Testimonials
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General information

Our developers do custom work for businesses and organizations who contact us with a need to expand the functionality of our applications. For example, to load your own file formats directly or include your own equations, data mining, or curve fitting models.

All our programmers have work experience more than 10 years. You can always contact to us for consultations or development of original software. We are pleased to work at projects both small and large.

FindGraph is being actively improved, all your suggestions to our "wish to" list are most welcome.

So if you think you might have something and would like to know more, just send your email to Sergey Vasilyev at  serg@uniphiz.com






























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