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A tool to generate Cartesian X-Y plots.

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Graphing features

fully customizable charts
Points in graph The unlimited number of data points.
Series in graph The unlimited number of series in graph.
Lines in graph The unlimited number of calculated lines and curves.
Customizable graph Graphs fully customizable.
Secondary axis Secondary axis at top and right.
Log scales Log scales for each axis are available.
Error indicators Error indicators at data points.
Fill Fill between curves, lines and points.
Symbols A lot of symbols, error indicators and brushes.
Picture background Picture background.
Text along curve You can draw text commentary along any curve.

FindGraph lets you format text font, color and align, and input symbols, lines, images and logos.

  Format text font, color and input symbols

The result on the screen is the same as on the report printout (what you see is what you get).

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