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How to take a scanned image of a plot and transform it into XY data.
Image corruptions which could be caused by scanning process can be corrected using FindGraph image enhancement techniques. An example of image enhancement is given below. When image corrected, FindGraph makes it easy to extract the curve from the image and numerize it.
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Import the graph from a file Import scanned image from a file.

Digitise bad scanned image

An image which has been captured in poor conditions, can be corrected using the following procedure. First we need to apply transformation to image to get rectangular grid lines.

Apply transformation to get rectangular grid lines

In dialog we select 'unbend' checked and vary 'twist' value to correct grid lines.

Digitize manually to transform graph into XY data.jpg
See also how to digitize a chart using the calibration points.

Next we start the Wizard of Digitization, select two or more calibration points, and set x and y ranges.

By default Findgraph digitizes a chart automatically. But when digitize scatter plots or mistaken charts it may be simple to add points manually. We move mouse cursor across graph curve and push key 'Insert' every time to add next point. To remove mistakes, we move mouse cursor on the digitized point and push key 'Delete'.

Finally, numerized X,Y data values can be exported to text (ASCII) file or copy and pasted directly into any other application, e.g. MS Excel.


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