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AMarker lets you launch applications and protect desktop
FindGraph is a graph plotting, curve fitting tool
Digital Phisiognomy allows you to read a face
Zigzag Cleaner lets you hide your open windows quickly




Press Releases.

Graphic application Mighty strong graphic application.
FindGraph is a graphing, digitizing, curve fitting and analysis software application packed with useful features like an overstuffed sandwich.

User-friendly multi-step wizards, which take care of your curve fitting and digitizing tasks. FindGraph v.1.80 will allow you to analyze graphed data without having to immerse yourself into tricky statistics books.

What a face can tell What a face can tell
Digital Physiognomy is an entertaining psychological profiling software application that determines person's character and traits based on facial features...

Resources for the Press.

CD Information  CD Information - permissions to include software on cover CDs.

PAD Files  PAD Files - detailed information about software files.

   dig_phys.xml  Digital Physiognomy  (http://www.uniphiz.com/digital_physiognomy/dig_phys.xml)
   zcleanp.xml  Zigzag Cleaner  (http://www.uniphiz.com/zcleaner/zcleanp.xml)
   fgraph.xml  FindGraph  (http://www.uniphiz.com/findgraph/fgraph.xml)
   amarker.xml  AMarker  (http://www.uniphiz.com/amarker/amarker.xml)

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