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Zigzag Cleaner lets you hide your open windows quickly
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Zigzag Cleaner for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP and Vista
An easy-to-use utility that lets you clear your desktop with just one mouse move. It's the computer equivalent of cleaning up your house by moving older items into pods storage to make space or if you're making a move. Clearing your desktop adds computer storage space.

The problem: You need to hide your  open windows, quickly. The desktop is filled with them. The toolbar is hidden.  You can only remember - Ctrl + Alt + Del. You panic. What do you do?

It's easy! Draw a  zigzag and  Zigzag Cleaner  will hide applications and documents. All or spare. To restore, just draw another zigzag. Easy? You bet! The program will speed up your work considerably.

Zigzag Cleaner is quicker and looks less conspicuous than a tray icon or hotkey-based application. But there are several programs that let you control your computer by drawing a symbol with your mouse. See 'Symbol Commander' or 'StrokeIt', for example. Why Zigzag Cleaner is actually faster?

With Zigzag Cleaner you need not to click and hold down any mouse button then draw the mouse gesture. Simple move your mouse anywhere on screen. The program traces the mouse movement. Several symbols are then instantly recognized.

Zigzag symbol  Zigzag restore symbol width=  New symbol  Stop symbol  Open symbol  Close symbol  Arrow left gesture  Arrow right gesture  Arrow top gesture  Arrow bottom gesture 

See the list of symbols. Try several symbols and see which ones suit you best. Plus, the program allows you to configure the command with the symbol you want.

Clear your desctop  You can minimize, hide or disable windows, maximize and tile windows or restore all windows to their initial sizes.

Copy and paste commands  You can execute commands such as 'copy and paste'.

Scroll the window  You can scroll the window that has the keyboard focus or the window that contains the mouse cursor.

Start screen saver  You can start screen saver.

Open and close CD  You can open and close CD-ROM drive.

Run the application  You can run the Explorer or open the folder you specified or run the application you specified.

Run the application  You can open a new window of Internet Explorer, and to open the next and the previous pages.

Run the application  You can execute commands to control Winamp or Windows Media Player.

Run the application  You can reverse and restore the meaning of the left and right mouse buttons without any click.

Send hotkey  You can send the hotkey or special keys and repeat this command several times.

Run the application  It is possible to disable all keyboard and mouse input. To enable input you need to draw symbol. No password.

Do windows translucent  It is possible to do windows partially translucent.

Additionally, the program collects mouse usage statistics. Only for the curious. We develop software for curious people.

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Brief Info
Version 1.40
  • Date:Jan 09, 2008
  • Size: 350 Kb
  • License: Free to try,
    $15.00 to buy
  • Updates: Free to registered users
  • Evaluation: 15 days
  • System Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista
  • Download
  • Order Online
  • Get Free
May 27, 2006
Version 1.30
  • Control Winamp/WMP
  • Hide Zigzag
Feb. 18, 2004
Version 1.16
  • Hot keys were added
  • New commands:
  • Do windows translucent
  • New window of IE
Mar. 20, 2003
Version 1.10
  • New commands:
  • Disable windows
  • Scroll
  • Special keys
Dec. 15, 2002
Version 1.00
Apr. 24, 2002
Version 0.90
  • First public release
Press and Awards
Version 1.16 on WebAttack
Version 1.16 on WebAttack

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