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Quick access to your desktop with Zigzag Cleaner
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Press reviews, awards and user testimonials
Erase drawings from  a blackboard with a few swipes of the eraser   "When you were a kid (and I was, at a very young age), you could erase drawings from a blackboard with a few swipes of the eraser. Wouldn't it be cool if you could close open windows on your computer in the same fashion? Well, you can. Just start in the upper left corner and make a quick "Z" with your mouse. Voila, the window is gone. Of course, this won't work unless you download this program first. Without it, you can make Zs until the cows come home and nothing will happen."

WebAttack  "... If you need quick access to your desktop, this is quicker than a tray icon or hotkey-based application."

Bangkok Post  "... Little things mean a lot. Zigzag Cleaner is a program that may make you go, "Whoa, who could think up something that strange?"

Tribune India  "Zigzag Cleaner is an easy-to-use program that lets you clear the desktop with just one move of the mouse. Usually, it is necessary to click the desktop icon. But what if the whole desktop is filled with windows and the toolbar is hidden."

Forest Impress  "マウスで“Z”字を描いてウィンドウ表示を操作する「Zigzag Cleaner」"

Computerra.ru  テ褓肛 ヤ齏肛, ヌ瑕 ヌ " ナ 糺 鞣 珸粽璞鞣瑣 瑕鞣胛 齏趺, 瑙褄 鈞萵 珞瑣顆褥 礪瑣 鈞 瑙, 頸 磊 頸 蒡 珮褌 , 籵 鞳蒻 齏頸 Zigzag Cleaner."

FreewareFiles  "Great to use when you have several windows open simultaneously and you need to quickly jump to your desktop without closing or minimizing each window."

AAA-Software  "This lets you control your computer by drawing a symbol with your mouse. Each symbol can be programmed to specific task to control your computer. You can execute commands such as copy and paste, scroll the window, start screen saver, open and close CD-ROM drive, run the application you specified, send the special keys and more."

newestshareware.com  "...This lets you translate selected mouse movements into commands to control your computer..."

PC Mike's Internet Tips  "... Our Tip for the Day ZigZag Cleaner. The scene: you are working hard just about to win that last Solitaire game when you hear the boss coming down the ..."

Dan Mitchell, TechTV  "... If you surf the Net at work when you should be filing a report, you'll appreciate the subtle genius of Zigzag Cleaner. ... Now, I know what you're thinking: "Why don't you just use a hotkey combination, like the Windows key + D?" Well, Zigzag Cleaner is actually faster and looks less conspicuous than fumbling for a hotkey. Plus, all you need to do to restore the minimized windows is draw the "Z" in reverse with your mouse."

Steveadonis  "...This program is a GREAT idea, fantastic work!..."

Nachum Shlesinger  "... A Simple Tool - But Very Nice and Greatly Useful! Does every body approaching your desk have to know what kind of job you are doing now? Do the nosy bodies have to feel you are hiding something from them? Download the Zigzag Tool and you will get the answers right away, Don't Hesitate!"

Nifty  "This is one cool little proggie. A quick Z of the mouse and the screen slides up. Great if that nosey person behind you won't go away. And fun! A deffinate must use."

CNet user  "Great Simple App. Highly recommend! This is a simple program to use."

Awarded 5/5 Stars On The File Transit Recomendado UTD Awarded 5/5 Stars On The Shareup
Awarded 5/5 Stars On The Sharewareriver Global shareware 5 Gold Disk Awarded SoftForAll Gold Award'
  Filehungry Brothersoft rating 5 out of 5
Freeware ListSoft.ru UKs leading download library
The award given by www.smartdownloads.net awarded 5 Star Hot by Ordergenuine.com 5 Star Rating at download3000.com
Editor's Choice Award on fast-download.info 5 Star Rating at FinalDownload.com Zigzag Cleaner Plus has been awarded gold by hotlib.com!
Users choice: 20 at 1000 files Editor's Choice Award at softs.info 5 Star award from Sharewareisland.com
software has been awarded 5 Cubes
Tested by the Softpedia labs Zigzag Cleaner Plus 1.202 has been tested by the Softpedia labs and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components

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